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Through this exciting new contest we're giving away 5 gift cards good for "1/2 off 360 liposuction." We will be announcing the 5 lucky winners every Friday each of the last 5 weeks of 2019.

  • Hourglass figures: The 360 procedure is used to create hourglass figures. 
  • 360 Lipo: (As shown above) is liposuction performed to the upper and lower abdomen, love handles and lower back. It consists of four or more areas, depending on the the surface area of the recipient.  
  • Liposuction : Can remove large quantities of fat for trimmer curves. It’s quicker, easier and more focused than weight loss. -Through minimally invasive liposuction techniques, we are able to remove nearly 75-80% of the fat cells in a treated area. You will be smaller instantly once your fat is out of your body.